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Wedding Portfolio - Bouquets

Browse our gallery of beautiful Bouquets from Leigh Florist weddings.
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Classic layered rose bouquet


Oval gathered with draping greenery
Modern Romantic with cascading orchids
Gathered and draping garden


Garden bundle for bridesmaids
Layered garden gathered bouquet
7. Oval and collected bouquet


8. Clutch romantic boho with orchid cascade
9. Gathered freeform bouquet
10. Garden bouquet with texture and natural drape


11. Oval with greenery draping


12. Garden with a protea focal flower


13. Subtle Boho Garden bouquet with a hint of pampas grass


14. Garden bouquet with texture and succulent


15. Elegant Boho with dried and fresh elements


16. Classic garden bridesmaid with Queen Anne’s Lace


17. Romantic garden bouquet


18. Classic design with an oval shape


19. Gathered and layered garden bouquet


20. Garden style with an oval shape


21. Classic and lush peony and garden roses


22. Layered garden design


23. Abstract and free form bouquet


24. Boho textured ethereal garden bouquet


25. Garden bouquets


26. Locally grown free form bouquet


27. Garden style with an oval shape


28. Winter garden with draping cedar


29. Garden style with mixed greenery and pampas


30. Layered boho garden bouquet


31. Gathered and layered garden bouquet


32. Romantic gathered with anemones and trailing jasmine accent


33. Garden style bridesmaids


34. Collected and gathered with greenery and texture


35. Garden style with an oval shape


36. Garden style with layers


37. Collected with greenery around the edge


38. Collected blooms


39. Layered garden with trailing greenery


40. Colorful garden with draping greenery


41. Colorful collected and gathered


42. Fresh picked gathered garden bouquet


43. Spring garden bouquets


44. Spring garden


45. Elongated freestyle


46. Groupings of color


47. Just flowers layered


48. Spring ephemerals in splash of colors


49. Gathered garden


50. Classic round fall


51. Elongated oval


52. Fall garden


53. Avant Garde layered bouquet


54. Abstract garden


55. Textured and airy


56. collection of Locally grown


57. Haunted Halloween bouquet


58. Layered and textured bouquet of locally grown flowers


59. Classic winter garden


60. Gathered with freeform texture


61. Layered with trailing greeneryg


62. Gathered with freeform draping


63. Layered oval gathered bouquet


64. Oval gathered with layers and greenery


65. Locally grown wildflower bouquet


66. Wildflower summer bridesmaid bouquet


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