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floral preservation art

Artistically designed in our studio:
We preserve your wedding bouquet and create artwork customized to include your invitation, photos and memories.

Getting Your Bouquet to Us:
Drop-off- For best results please provide your bouquet 1-3 days after the event - this will allow for the best drying results.

Shipping Your Bouquet - If you live out of state, no problem! Simply follow our shipping guidelines to overnight ship your bouquet to us.

Deposit - We require a $200.00 deposit at the time of bouquet drop off. Your final balance in full will be due 10 weeks from the initial start date.

If you have any questions, call our studio. (856) 547-1090 or email us.

Shadow Box Designs

Choose Your Design

- Bouquet Shape - a replication of your bouquet
- Free Form – an abstract or wreath shape design

Premium Frames

Our frame options include timeless classics and modern selections to capture your style. View our frame selections.

Shadow Box Size Options

- 11×14 rectangular frame – starting from $425.00
  - best to feature a medium size bouquet and standard size invitation

- 13x16 rectangular frame - $455.00
  - best to feature a large-sized bouquet and/or over-sized invitation

- 16×20 rectangular frame – $525.00
  - best to feature a large hand tied or cascade bouquet and additional keepsakes

- 20×20 square frame – $575.00
  - best to feature any size bouquet with keepsakes, invitation, photo and mementos

floral preservation shadow box example 1
floral preservation shadow box example 2
floral preservation shadow box example 3
floral preservation shadow box example 4
floral preservation pressed flower example
floral preservation pressed flower example

Replacements and Recreations

After we receive and process your bouquet, you will be notified if your flowers are saturated, bruised, torn, wilted or show signs of mold. In any of these cases, replacements may be necessary.

It's never too late! Send us a photo of your bouquet, and we can provide you with a quote for your custom recreation.

Flower Drying

While most bridal flowers will dry successfully, there are a few exceptions due to the high moisture content. Examples of these are tulips, succulents, gardenias and stephanotis. Please keep in mind that dried flowers will turn into a deeper color hue. For example whites will appear cream/beige and reds will appear burgundy.

Terms & Conditions:

Download our Floral Preservation Terms and Conditions for a better understanding of the wedding bouquet preservation process, timing, and costs.