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frequently asked questions

How much time does it take to preserve the flowers?
The entire floral preservation process, from the drying of the flowers to the finishing of the framed piece, takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks to complete. This ensures a quality product that you will love!

How long will my preserved flowers last?
You can expect your flowers to last for decades because we design them in a properly enclosed environment. Keeping the blooms away from direct sunlight, humidity, and dust will keep them fresh and dry for years to come!

Do you offer bouquet preservation to out of state residents?
Even if you are not able to come to Leigh Florist and drop off your bouquet, you can ship it right to us. You may speak with a floral designer over the phone or even by email to coordinate everything.
Please see the Shipping Your Bouquet page of our website for further details.

Will my flowers change in shape or color after the preservation process?
Your flowers will maintain their original shape during the drying stages. Colors may vary slightly from the original tones. For instance, white flowers tend to turn a light ivory shade, while purples and reds tend to deepen during the drying process.

Do you provide floral preservation for occasions other than weddings?
Yes we do!
We can preserve flowers from anniversaries, sympathy arrangements, memorials, proms, Quincineras, bat mitzvahs, and much more! Not only can you preserve flowers for yourself, but it is a great gift for friends or family who are getting married or having an anniversary!

If you have any questiions, feel free to contact us via phone (856) 547-1090 or by email.